The Arpwave, Pain Elimination, and Avoiding Surgery.  What is the Arp wave, and how to get a free-in-home trial.

A Class 2 medical device, the Arpwave is approved by the FDA for:

  • muscle re-education
  • relaxation of muscle spasms
  • increased local blood circulation
  • maintaining and increasing range of motion
  • prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy

“ARP” stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance, and has brought relief  for many by stopping pain  immediately — many times after the first treatment!  Since the Arpwave is a device that can be used successfully from home with a trained online protocol guide, and travel to a clinic is not necessary, it is a revolutionary form of treatment that has helped hundreds of people avoid surgery.

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The Arp wave has a 90% success rate for avoiding many types of  orthopedic surgery, including:

  • Torn ACL/ACL injuries – professional athletes and many others have avoided acl surgery, with its inherent risks.  Rehab from an ACL tear is facilitated without surgery with the Arp wave, since it helps the body heal itself!
  • Knee surgery –the Arpwave program is a proven alternative to knee surgery.
  • Partial knee Surgery – Partial knee surgery can be a precursor for a total knee replacement.  The Arpwave trainer is an excellent alternative to surgery.
  • Hip surgery – The Arpwave has helped many people avoid hip surgery.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –  carpal tunnel surgery and its expense and risks can be avoided with the Arpwave trainer.  Our rate of success, and time saved in recovery is exceptional!
  • Lower/Low Back Pain – The Arp wave trainer locates the cause of pain, and our trained guide will assist you in using the Arpwave to stop that pain.  Most people feel better after the first treatment!
  • Herniated Disc – Avoid unnecessary surgery.  A prescription is needed (as with most uses of the Arpwave), obtain one from your doctor, or one of ours.
  • Pain – It is highly possible to stop pain within the first treatment of the Arp wave.  Stopping the use of harmful pain meds is another helpful benefit of using the Arpwave.
  • Knee/hip surgery recovery – even if you’ve already had surgery, the Arpwave can expedite your path to healing.

To understand how the Arpwave works, read “How the Arpwave Works”.

Getting Your Free In-Home Trial

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The arpwave machine is not sold, but rather leased as a medical device.  Our team of medical practitioners will prescribe the recommended treatment for your situation, and our licensed protocol guides will lead you on your path to recovery.

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